"Lower FBA fulfillment fees with Ships in Product Packaging" - BY A NICKLE!

I read this, and thought “Maybe I SHOULD” eliminate Amazon’s ability to screw up in packaging… but I save exactly a nickle on fees if I put my product in a shipping-worthy box, rather than letting them put it in a jiffy bag, which works fine all except a very few times.

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Ya, there are some options where it works and does not work. We had one where we saved like 5$ per unit but the size of the SIOC container pushed the item into oversize. We had another where it was oversize and it was a profit maker. Then there are the ones where we use the SIOC packaging as brand protection, and it kills all other knock off attempts by the generics and surplus that pop up. A counterfeit claim using “no branded packaging” is a heavy hammer to drop on amateur trash sellers.
You have to go sku by sku to see what works and what does not.




That’s not (link, SAS) the only way (link, SAS) in which the relatively-new SIPP Initiative can prove problematic, to be sure, when Amazon’s Hell-bent for leather GEI (“Global Expansion Initiative” in ‘Dogtamerese’) comes into play - yet it remains in my book rather concerning…

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