MakerPlace by Michaels is LIVE today! (news roundup)

MakerPlace by Michaels is out of beta and launched today:

See below for news articles…

[Forbes] Michaels Goes After Handmade Market - And Etsy - With New Marketplace

The retailer is aiming to address concerns by crafters and artisans about high commission fees and upfront costs, as well as competition from high-volume, mass-produced products, on other platforms such as Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

Michaels also is hoping to leverage an asset those sites don’t have - over 1,290 physical stores where online sellers potentially will be able to sell in-person, and where buyers can return handmade goods purchased on the marketplace.

And as a crafts retailer, it can sell creators the materials they then use to make products sold on MakerPlace. MakerPlace buyers and sellers also will be eligible for Michaels’ loyalty rewards program.

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[Press Release] Michaels Officially Launches MakerPlace by Michaels

With free product listings and low referral fees, MakerPlace aims to lower the barrier to entry and help artists and makers earn more on every sale. Sellers also have extra ways to earn on MakerPlace by hosting virtual classes and posting how-to guides with supplies lists that earn commission when materials are purchased on …MakerPlace sellers will also benefit from discounts on Michaels products and support from Michaels marketing to reach the company’s highly engaged customer base.

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[Chain Store Age] Michaels debuts third-party marketplace for handmade items

By offering an online platform for buying and selling handmade goods, [Michaels] is competing with handmade e-commerce pioneer Etsy, as well as similar platforms operated by retailers including [Amazon] and [].

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I haven’t seen anything about this before. According to the support page, it’s not true…

Maybe it’s something they have planned for the future like Amazon returns to Kohls.

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