MakerPlace: Problems with product dashboard search

Not sure if this is the right thread to post this in.

Has anyone had issues of your products not showing up in your own dashboard when searching?

I search in product dashboard for dice knowing I have 5 dice light switch covers, and it says “product not found”.

If I search in my store front for dice, they show up, and if I search in the marketplace for dice they show up. It’s just in my own dashboard they don’t show up.

Frustrating as I am so disorganized and depend on search to know if I have already listed an item or not and don’t want duplicate items (or discontinued items that need to be deleted might not be deleted if I think it doesn’t exist if it doesn’t show up in my product search yikes yikes yikes).

So far this is the only keyword I have found, but I’m not sure if I have others that are broken or if anyone else has this issue? Ugh.


The search within my own products is a pain in my behind, can confirm.


Definitely glitchy. I listed an item 2 days ago. A search shows up fine on buyer’s site but not in “my products” Maybe the site is indexed daily while the seller side is indexed less frequently. In fact I had to go back nearly two weeks of newly added listings before I could find one that was indexed.


Gave you your own topic :slightly_smiling_face: and yes it’s bizarre that you can’t search within your own backend by a word in the product title :thinking:

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This exactly. There’s about a 2-week lag between when I list a product, and when I can find it via search from my product listing dashboard.