[MarketplacePulse] Amazon Sellers Are Joining Shein Marketplace

I’m not sure this will work out for US Sellers. If your a China based seller, it’s just a new AliExpress.

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To join Shein, sellers must already have annual sales of $2 million on Amazon, The Wall Street Journal reported. For those who qualify, it offers free advertising and no commission for the first three months.

That has only attracted a few dozen U.S. sellers compared to thousands from China, based on Marketplace Pulse data. It will get more, and at least in the short term, Amazon sellers will be the focus. But it is facing headwinds establishing itself in the eyes of sellers - one seller who received the Shein invitation said, “We got the same message. I marked it as spam.”


But also…




Fast-fashion is a new term to me!

The war for the bottom of the retail market is becoming a hot war.

Seems predictable given the state of the US and Chinese economies, Do not want to forget the European economies which are also unhealthy.

Will definitely affect H&M and a huge number of private label Amazon sellers. H&M at least has a reputation for value which will help it cope, and enough money for lawyers if necessary.

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We use to call them streakers … but there is little proof as we didn’t carry phones with cameras back then …

Not a regular reader of The Gray Lady, I take it?

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