Maximum order quantity across all SKU's

Is there a way to set a maximum order quantity across all SKU’s? I know that I can set the maximum for each SKU, but I don’t think there is a way to set a cumulative maximum order quantity across all items for sale.

Unware of a workflow for that. It’s listing by listing…

You may be able to update everything all at once with an inventory flat file though.


The lack of that control is why I have not made children (on Amazon anyway :rofl:).

I’d love to be able to set a max total for all made to order parent/children instead of individual sku qty. The only limit to qty is how many I can physically produce in my stated time frame. Set at the SKU level I have to worry about how many I’ve made available (all sold the same day before I can adjust qty would be bad) or set the numbers low and “resupply” after each/every few sale(s) if I have time to make more.


@ASV_Vites might have a pill that can help you with that. :rofl: :rofl:

General Shipping Settings under Handle Time …

Doing at item level sets this for each item and not for the entire store. Use the setting in General Shipping Settings under Handle Time to set Order Handling Capacity for your entire store.

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I think Crush was looking for max order qty by a buyer for each listing but this is good info. :+1:


This seems like for the entire store to us as he notes

I’m so confused. Given a solution for an incorrect answer. :laughing:

Is what it is.


I’m trying to limit the number of items per order, not the number of orders.


Then that can be done for an item itself as max order quantity but not max quantity of different items per order

It would be done at item level to limit the number of a certain item to be sold for each order.
Doesn’t limit a customer from placing 5 orders of 10 to get 50 … just make them place 5 orders (although there is a waiting time between orders … we have experienced that).

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