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My college freshman grand daughter wanted a record player for her birthday.

Today’s WSJ seems to explain why.

More vinyl albums sold than CDs or DVDs.

Consider its implications for your business.


My late-20s musician stepbrother uses only vinyl for his sometimes DJing/producing.

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Streaming, this is the way…

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I have about 3k LPs to be sold, and my current business model does not allow for them. It is likely that some other reseller will get them.

As for viewing and listening, I stream.

But I have files on a hard disk which serves as a jukebox, and another which serves as a video server,

They can be accessed by any device on my home network.

My hearing has deteriorated enough so there is no perceptible loss of sound quality to me.

And many of my LPs were never of exceptional sound quality.


Makes sense to me :sweat_smile:

Too many potholes around here for that!


Automobile phonographs were factory options once upon a time… My grandparents in Murray, IA had a 45 player in their Plymouth long ago. Grandfather owned the filling station and garage on the original Blue Grass Auto Road (now US Highway 34), and subsequently were rather wealthy prior to the construction of I-35 in 1959 which was built 9 miles east at Osceola, beginning Murray’s economic decline.

You can still see them sometimes, at classic car shows.

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