Medical Scrubs

So in this POST, I;m guessing it’s the category that is the issue.
But couldn’t they just list it under Women’s / Men’s Clothing? Tops, Bottoms, etc.
The word SCRUB in the title should make it searchable.

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This action would carry a serious risk of account loss because it is a deliberate attempt to circumvent an Amazon policy.

And it could be easily caught by an Amazon bot, and the category changed and listing closed.

It appears the poster may be planning for FBA given the large quantity purchase which makes the potential downside even greater.

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Just find it odd that the “category” medical scrubs is gated even with your own brand.

I would assume there are NON-medical scrubs out there, lounge wear?

I always hate hearing that someone made a large investment before doing any small testing first :grimacing:

Some FAQ translations I think we need to put in a category when the Seller Help site is launched.

“I got “approved” to sell (on) …Amazon”; Amazon Approved me to list the product, they did not give me permission to sell the product.

“The Return has been Picked Up by the Carrier”; The customer printed the label and will get it to the post office or UPS when they feel like it.

For those of us in business for more than 20 years; “The check is in the mail.”

I am sure others here can contribute other worthy promises from Amazon (lies) to the new sellers needing help.

ETA; we were shut down for selling a picture of a mask, to remind people to wear a mask. No mater the number of times we appealed, we were not approved to sell (a picture of) masks. :no_entry:


Amazon gets a grade of F- in exception handling.

Anyone who stretches the simpleminded compliance with Amazon’s desires is punished without any real recourse.

This means that sellers need to divine what Amazon’s intent is, what the simple-minded enforcement is likely to be, and forgo the sales of anything which will confuse a simple mind.


…and this is what the OSFE did for me: It both taught me this approach and then helped with reading the cards.


Obviously since the mods cannot divine the intent, and would not be permitted to share if they were told, they failed to realize one of the losses the NSFE represents.