Michaels MakerPlace ONBOARDING

I had a pop-up this morning to set up two-step verification, which is good. I had my first Faire sale, now it’s time to get back to this. I only have 23 listings set up so far, I sure do wish they’d have an import or CSV option - most likely they’ll add it right after we’ve all done it manually.

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That gave me some hope since I stuck on total of one sale.

I just found their Weekly “MakerPlace Seller Saturday email” that went into my spam folder, which said they were running a limited time offer to Michaels Reward member to drive customer to MakerPlace.

Not sure what exactly was the incentive, but so far I haven’t see any resulting sales for myself.


Can you post the whole email? I still have not gotten the emails and I’ve checked in my spam folder as well. I did email support about not receiving the Saturday emails, but I have not gotten a response yet. Thanks!

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