Misleading Tracking?

I got my weekly “performance report” – and two of my shipments got dinged for valid tracking.

BOTH have valid tracking, but I have learned this is really a broad category for Walmart.

What is misleading tracking?

Label printed on March 13, and scanned at the second stop on March 14 which is the first scan by the post office … so it looks “late” maybe?


I’ve been seeing that when I add the tracking manually, or order by order, maybe 10-15% of the times I get a very small banner below that reads “failed to upload”
The order is moved to shipped, but the tracking is not updated.

When that happens, the only way to update the tracking is by using a file upload for the shipped orders.

You can open a case with seller support and provide the tracking. There’s a category for messed up vtr. They’ll apologize for it in a couple of days and will remove the ding from the performance.

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I have my Walmart account integrated with my inventory management software, which has all my shipping accounts tied into it, so all tracking is uploaded to Walmart automatically. All my orders ship within hours of buying shipping. Walmart still hits me on my valid tracking metric sporadically and annoyingly often. I have yet to figure out why.

As @Tallytony says, you can open a case with Walmart Support and they will deal with it, but for the most part, I see no point in doing so. Just not worth the effort.


Same here, no idea why or how to fix it. I use the same shipping process for Amazon and haven’t had a VTR ding in at least the past year.


Let me try again…

I have two orders that took a hit under valid tracking.

Both have valid tracking uploaded into Walmart – automatically from Shipstation.

When I download the Walmart report, there’s two tabs at the bottom.

One order is on one tab and it looks like the post office dorked around and it will be late.

The other order is on a tab called “misleading tracking”. It’s been scanned and updated along it’s journey through the post office. But what does “misleading tracking” really mean?

I created the label on March 13 and then had to ask for help in getting it shipped. I know they shipped it – maybe didn’t get it scanned though at the local post office. The first scan is nearby in a larger center for the post office outside Chicago. So I am thinking that since it didn’t get scanned on March 13 (first scan is March 14th), too much time has passed?

But that’s a late shipping thing, not a misleading thing?