[MIT Tech Review] The US city that scares Chinese Amazon sellers

This lines up with posts we saw on OSFE about sellers claiming all their money was gone. Researching any info they posted (before it was obliterated by a mod) normally pointed back to a law firm in Chicago.

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Thie article implies that PopSockets and other IP trolls were just picking on innocent Chinese Sellers. But the truth is that this Seller and most others are violating patents and trademarks, and most of Amazon’s policies without any remorse, and harming legitimate sellers, with their knock-offs and shady tactics.

The author could have asked us why Chicago BTW and we would have happily told them Vory’s.

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100% agree with you.

Innocence to the law of a market you are selling in is not an excuse. We all know China does not believe in copyright protection unless it is in their favor.

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Nothing new in this article

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I really wonder what the Inform Act is going to do to these overseas sellers.

Had a call with SAS today and contrary to my belief of some sort of grace period, he’s saying this is no joke and accounts will be deactivated in 6 days if they aren’t verified and was relieved that we got our postcard today and astonished that we weren’t picked off for verification weeks ago. Well, we sort of did but it vanished as fast as it came.

@SawleMill - seems like you were right.


I harbor no illusions.

There’s a reason why the FMT & the AHT SMEs have been playing coy with overseas-based 3P Sellers & 1P Vendors (largely, but not entirely, Chinese - I’ve recorded more than 1k Merchant IDs since February from various ‘discussions’) who’ve flooded the NSFE with complaints about an inability to pass INFORM Consumers Act muster since late March.

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