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Amazon can’t seem to get out of their own way some days/weeks/months.

They posted this which actually has a pretty decent synopsis of how to drop ship and NOT get suspended.

Just because I love tweaking Amazon when they ‘seem’ to be inconsistent and comatose I asked a simple question –
"That’s wonderful and the dropship part is a good summary.

NOW-- when are we going to see a story about the RA rules since there are STILL sellers saying it is perfectly fine and bragging about doing it.

You MODS read posts all day where they admit this. Do you escalate the message to people that can take action?

OR is AMAZON actually OK with sellers doing RA and I have just misread everything I have seen about it?"

Shockingly, no response from Amazon and only one lonely little like. Apparently I underestimate the RA crowd influence on Amazon…


Amazon is only concerned about money and only does something these days when they are forced to by regulators. That’s the sad truth whether you believe it or not.

Aside from the lack of bot enforcement which is obvious to us, they aren’t even taking legitimate reports / escalations seriously anymore. They just flip the page and look the other way.

I’ll give you our most recent example.

We have a competitor (super sleazy) that launched a quick dissolve melatonin product. They lifted our bullet points, word for word, letter by letter. They aren’t common words, it wasn’t an accident. They also lifted one of our other competitors bullet points.

Can’t report that because there’s no IP involved. I get it. We would never do that because it’s classless but whatever.

Within those bullet points they copied, they mention sugar free. The number one ingredient is Dextrose, AKA sugar.

Vine reviewers posted pictures of the tablets and they are huge, likely because they don’t have the smaller tooling necessary to make an appropriate sized tablet for the potency.

With that sized tablet, the sugar content must be above the amount that would need to be declared in the supp facts panel with a carbohydrate count. That’s not there.

Vine reviewers also posted pictures of what they received. The bottle and label are COMPLETELY different. The lead image is a high-end expensive bottle. What they are shipping from FBA is a cheap, white HDPE bottle (plain Jane / cheap).

Reported all of this - REJECTED.
Escalated through SAS with my SAS managers complete support and amazement - REJECTED.

He’s internally escalating it again as a last ditch effort to actually help Amazon not be liable for someone’s diabetic comma. I hold zero hope that this will be actioned.

Amazon’s focus on the top / bottom line is laser-focused. They don’t give a ■■■■ about anything or anyone. It’s all about the Benjamins baby. They will pass off any liability claim to the seller and look the other way, pretending that they weren’t made aware of these things.

This case opened my eyes to focus on what we can control and not waste anymore time on this kind of thing. Amazon broke our spirit of goodness.

We won’t stoop to the levels of others but we will take advantage of anything we can on the marketplace.

Here’s one of those taking advantage things:

You’re not supposed to be able to run a Prime Day Deal if you had another deal for no less than 20% more in the last 30 days. We have one of our competitors running a LTD this week and we know they will be running a Prime Day Deal during that promo.

It’s a glitch. There’s a disconnect between PED’s and LTD’s. I scheduled a LTD for the week of the 17th today with Prime Day deals already set up for the prior week.

The rules are made to be broken at Amazon and I think it’s intentional.

Rant over - for now.


That is absolutely IP! Your words are covered by copyright law.

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression.

If Amazon won’t act, have a lawyer send a C&D to the other Seller and cc: Amazon’s legal department. Heck, do it anyway!

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These simple six words say it all.

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2 Days, only 12 views. That’s sad

Why are these mods so oblivious? Maybe I am not reading this right…Wyatt says “This month, a seller shares gratitude…” I clicked on it and see…

This Month

Am I missing something? Meh, this month, last month, six months. We all know they can’t keep up with all of the threads.

Also, really wish they would stop trying to promote Lighten Up. They don’t deserve to have/continue that thread.


One of those was mine…


And another was mine, immediately after Wyatt posted it.

Sadly, they’re reaping what they sowed…with a reward that they SO richly deserve.

Admittedly, some quality contributions continue to be made - with more than a mere few of the members of the SAS/BSFE like Rob, April, Medic, Marbles, Random, TV, Lunatick, & dwat being prominently featured among that coterie, along w/ certain others of the seasoned & savvy OSFE forum vets who’ve adopted new handles w/ the advent of the NSFE, and a few like Rush, Rob, April, Medic, & Marbles, et. al who didn’t - but I continue to agree with the general consensus:

Disaster looms.


Oh my gosh YES :face_vomiting:


Ditto … :rofl: so at least 25% of them were from this group…

What is funny is how the second thread mentioned about drop shipping is contradicted by the link further down about Gratitude. @Medic’s input on the Gratitude is like a rebuttal to the drop shipping one.

To us, this is proof that Mods often only read what catches their eye and just skim over the rest which doesn’t register so their responses are often met with :roll_eyes: :thinking: :woozy_face:


I will refrain from publicly posting my long list of the Mods & AHT SMEs who’ve exhibited such behaviour* since the advent of the “New Year, New Voices” Initiative (and, sadly enough, well before that brooked dawn, only to quickly earn Susan’s ire), but I believe that you’ve EARNED this with that astute observation:

OTOH, the aforementioned folks would seem to have, all-too often, earned this:


Sooner or later, a busted thumb IS gonna bleed…


Including the NSFE-redirected URLS where such gaffes have been made over the years - as I may have mentioned a time or more, I tend to archive EVERYTHING…


You’ll all love this one.

How the hell was I supposed to know that test buys have to be done on the buyer side of the seller account.

I was told to do a test buy by SAS escalation on this listing. I did that and tried to report it and hit a road block bc the order # couldn’t be validated.

My SAS manager’s response - “Just leave a negative review on the product. There’s nothing wrong with leaving honest feedback on a competitors product. There’s no policy against this.”

I’m starting to think Woof is right about this SAS program.

Here’s what I wrote to him in response to this nonsense:


Hi XXXXXX, when you file the report it asks for the order #. When you hit “Validate” it says the order is not from the account and locks you out.

“I’m unaware if there is a rule against that within Amazon of a seller purchasing a competitors product, and leaving an honest review.”

This is asking for trouble. I would love to leave an honest review with a picture of the product that said:

  • Product looks nothing like what the product page shows. Might be counterfeit.
  • Bought this because the product page says this is sugar free but Dextrose “Sugar”, is the first ingredient.

Bottom line is what’s going on here is unacceptable and unethical and illegal on 2 different levels but Amazon refuses to do anything about it which is literally astonishing.

All Amazon does is send us AND YOU in endless circles instead of just doing what’s right - yanking this listing until it’s brought up to legal / policy standards.

I don’t know what the hell happened to Amazon. It’s like the compliance bots have all been turned off to preserve top line sales. Like I mentioned to you on the phone - Amazon could yank 75% of the listings they have right now and still end up with the same sales and probably more with a lot less overhead.

I don’t agree with that type of curation which actually does make sense. I think everyone deserves a chance but when you are a company like XXXXXXXXX, doing what they do (goes well beyond this particular listing), their status and path on the marketplace should be clear - shown the door.

Between XXXX and I, we have 40 years of experience at the highest levels of the industry. We’ve seen it all, believe me. This one really does take the cake.

Protect the public
Protect your sellers
Do the right thing
Fight the good fight

Should also mention that I asked him if he would guarantee the ability to get us out of trouble if we get nailed for review manipulation. No response.


:flushed: Fire him.

Clearly the policy is clear on this. We have been doing test buys from time to time for 10 or so years. The first warning, and this came from the OSFE over the years is Never, Never Ever leave feedback on the person you did a test buy from.

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TBF I talked to someone who does RA…for nike shoes. And I looked up listings and they’re on amazon. I was, of course super polite and said its a huge risk. Part of it is language. Most people get utterly confused when I speak about operating margins and adjusted Ebitda. It’s easier to talk about mindset, seven figures, and high social status or some such other nonsense.

And the person did something really cool for a living until they were laid off (management). It’s really hard to get down on them, especially, in light of all the information that exists outside of the amazon sphere.

I just keep chugging along.