More Variation "headaches"

As I work my way through my patterns, something from the past is popping up.

In the beginning with Walmart, I hired “co-merchant” to get me started with 100 items. They recommended I do variations and put one size with like 10 different styles together into one listing. I said nope, you can’t put all the placemats from 10 different patterns into one listing.

You can put one pattern with all the different sizes into one listing…but I’m not comfortable with variations at all.

Today – I’m working on creating all those variations – and I’m finding those placemats already have a variation assigned. So step 1 is to remove the variation, step 2 is to create one the way I wanted.

Back in the day, he said it was really difficult to UNDO a variation. And I told him, well he better, because he really put them together in the wrong way.

Found two so far…but could undo them and re-do them like I want.