Mules deliver Amazon packages to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

What about one-day shipping? :laughing:

GRAND CANYON, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) It’s no surprise that Amazon delivers to many parts of the globe, but what about the bottom of a canyon — such as the Grand Canyon? Amazon has been tracking its most unique delivery locations worldwide, and the Grand Canyon’s Phantom Ranch made the list. However, a specific type of animal is what makes the deliveries possible.

Thanks to trusty mules, Phantom Ranch employees who live and work at the bottom of the canyon can have all of their supplies delivered to them. There are no roads to the bottom of the canyon, and the only way to get there is by walking, river raft or by mule. So how does it work?

First, Amazon packages arrive at a purchasing warehouse on the South Rim, and Phantom Ranch trucks deliver the packages to the mule barn. Packers then weigh the items, feed and clean the mules and carefully pack up the items and supplies employees need. When the sun rises, they start the trek down the canyon.

The mules deliver things such as fresh produce, toilet paper, mail, beer, bacon, and of course, Amazon packages. “We bring down pretty much anything that Phantom Ranch might need and any sort of packages they want delivered,” said Annie Zenin, a Phantom Ranch mule packer. “It’s important to be able to give these people not only what they need, but also what they want while they’re living at the bottom of the canyon. If they need anything ordered off of Amazon, they’ll get it.”


Could be a place where drone package delivery could be tested also for certain size packages.

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It was bad enough hiking down the Bright Angel trail dealing with the ocassional tour group of humans riding mules back in the day. Dealing with a fleet of Amazon package mules too sounds even worse.

This is such a made for media quote.

They may want a catering pack of our New England Roofing Slate, yet it goes about 50#. If it is not needed, I would not want to see a beast of burden stuck with transporting it.

Or parachutes and a catapult.

And then there are the returns … poor mules.

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Except many of those returns are empty boxes.

Mules deliver Amazon packages to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

And, goodness knows, there are plenty of … “mules” … at Amazon to choose from.


Especially when Ed Rosenberg and his ‘consultant’ cohorts are on the case… :unamused:

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This sounds like SUCH fun!

So, I order a mule, and they deliver to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by joining the mule to their “20-Mule Team”, but I refuse the delivery as the mule is clearly “used” rather than “new”, as it has walked down the entire Grand Canyon…

THEN things get silly…


That’s the key.

Mules to the bottom of Grand Canyon has nothing whatever to do with Amazon. Or no more so than with any other retailer.

But they found a way to turn this into a warm-fuzzy Amazon story.

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A bunch of assses headed downhill… sounds like Amazon management to me.

( Please pardon the triple ‘s’. If spelled correctly it gets automatically censored. )

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managed by, delivered by… no wonder my Amazon purchases recently are slow as FiretrUCK to arrive and look like sh…