Multiple items not searchable

For more than a month, it has been impossible to see my listings when I search just the name of my brand. I have 4 WFS listings but only 3 ever pop up on search and not one seller listing ever pops up on search.
I kept badgering support about this, opening a case and calling almost daily and now I think they are finally taking it seriously seeing the latest response.
Just in case, I recommend all of you fellow sellers search your product on Walmart just to check if it pops up or not.
This is the first time i’ve seen support say only one person will be responding to my case.


Thanks for the heads up, and welcome to SellersAskSellers @Acacia !

From here on out I will be the only agent addressing this case and I will work directly with our internal teams to get a resolution on this issue. This is to make sure there is consistency in the messages to you for updates, and so an agent with a full understanding of the issue is working with our internal teams to reach a resolution.

:dizzy_face: That’s…amazing.


Walmart’s support is pretty good but you have to keep fighting to get to this point.

Good in that this will happen if the issue is not resolved.

Bad in that they are just as bad, if not worse, than Amazon’s support from step 1.


Chiming in late because I have been MIA… This too happened to me at Walmart about three years ago.

I got terminated and reinstated in 2021. Everything looked good on my end, but from a buyer’s point of view, I did not show up in searches.

I picked a few SKUs and would open a case. I had over 600 to choose from.

I think slowly but surely it resolved itself and I never got an answer.

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