MWS Submit Feed

We know in March that MWS is going away but I’m getting an Access Denied on my “Submit Feed” this morning. However the “GetFeedSubmissionList” does work.

Anyone else?

Did I miss a notice?

I know I need to switch over to the SP-API but I’m just not into the coding right now.

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:grimacing: bumping

All I know is they switched a bunch of stuff and it’s better to do it sooner rather than later, because the likelihood of Amazon supporting something they’re shutting down is close to zero.

@GGX the error that @oneida_books is getting is unlikely to be an “oops, we’re closing early!” notice.

But even if it is, in no way is it “better” to remove needed functionality two months earlier than scheduled, with no notice and no transition.


@oneida_books assuming that MWS operates on the same internal infrastructure as AWS, this might be helpful info.

And I still see this:


It’s likely due to an error on Amazon’s end, which are not infrequent with all their services. The problem is how much Amazon will prioritize fixing a system they’re deprecating. Normally I’d say a random error like this should resolve itself relatively quickly because they would assign someone to work on it right away, but who knows what priority, if any, they’re assigning to this problem.

Unrelated to this but there’s a pretty decent lag in sales reporting which has been going on for the better part of a week. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but it’s annoying and shows there’s something going on over at Amazon data-wise.

Other issues are normally reported when this lag occurs. I suspect this is one of them (Oneida’s issue).

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All I’m getting is the below, which shows it’s working. However I’ve tested 2 accounts and I get access denied. UGH!

Same, but as my tech contact just told me, “Amazon never reports issues if they don’t have to,” meaning that Amazon’s not self-reporting a problem doesn’t mean there’s not an Amazon problem. :unamused:

I would report to DownDetector AND “contact us”.