My turn to get hit by Amazon

Tuesday afternoon I get a message from Amazon. “We have temporarily deactivated your account because of an extended period of inactivity.” Note: I log in every day and check stuff. I even did editting on Monday. lol It’s been 2 months since my last sale. So I follow the instructions and it wants me to change my charge methods. My cc is a Mastercard. So I re-enter my card number. No problem. So I get a message back to send documents for either the US or
Australia. I have never sold in Australia and it’s never been on my account. I will be sending in what they asked for. Just want to get it right in case I decide it’s no longer worth the hassle.

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Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous! :rage: I’m so sorry

Welp, if that’s what they mean by “active”? Have you accidentally had your account on vacation?

Otherwise, for anyone seeing a slump or taking a pause, maybe try adding or deleting-and-readding some listings because evidently editing, updating, and logging in aren’t enough. :grimacing:

Yes, I would just send in the US documents requested and ignore anything about AUS right now. No need to confuse them more.

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If it makes you feel any better (and I suspect that it won’t) I spent most of the last 2 weeks dealing with various reps from the Account Health Team. Our account has been on the verge of suspension for the last 2 weeks because my coworker bleeped something up on the .mx account, of all places.

Every day is an adventure on this river, and it usually involves snakes. Or at least flat feed files, which may be worse.

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So sorry. I hope it gets resolved quickly.


If we do FBA and have and extended vacation, is it still “active”?

I only get a sale or 2 every couple of months. It’s been that way for a couple of years. I don’t put my account on vacation. I think it was more to do with the Mastercard problem. Just my opinion.

I’m sorry you are dealing with this.

That is so true. I think their time has come and gone.


I hope so too. I will send my stuff in tomorrow and see what happens.


Well after printer problems (scanning), I got the stuff they wanted sent in today. About an hour later, I could edit and do stuff, the orange boxes were gone. However, when I look an ASIN as a customer does, it still says I am out of stock. I will give it a while to come back. They are active on my inventory page and I have stock. So things are good.


There’s a reason why you got hit by this. I’ve noticed an uptick in problematic sellers where they have positive feedback from a while ago, and their recent feedback are all negative. The scammers are buying dormant accounts from sellers who quit, or “age” accounts by creating them, doing some legitimate sales, and then holding onto them until they’re ready to break bad with the accounts. They could easily be keeping the accounts “active” by having bots log into them once in a while. One of the ways Amazon counters this is by reverifying accounts that haven’t had a sale in a while.

I always tell people that being an Amazon seller is a full time job. With all the headaches involved it’s a big PITA for a side hustle especially since they keep changing things and making things more difficult for people.

Yes. If you go on vacation your FBA listings are still active.

And even if all FBA and on vacation, you still must respond to Buyer messages, correct?

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I don’t think that rule is enforced though. I’ve sent messages to sellers who NEVER respond, and I’ve also been very late on responding myself and never got any kind of warning about it.

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Yes, although the 24 hour response time is not one of the more strictly enforced policies (thank goodness).


All my feedback is positive.

I have always responded to the customer emails. I get very few of them.

The only thing I can think of is 3 months ago I got an order and after she received it, she asked to return it. I authorized and never heard anything more. I don’t send prepaid shipping labels, just ask Amazon to send an unpaid label. Checked the VOC last night and got a “performance or quality not adequate 100%”. So I assume that was it. Still hasn’t sent back, been 3 months.

All my items are now active.

It has nothing to do with you, they’re likely doing a sweep like this on ALL sellers who haven’t had a sale in a while because of that problem. I know people who this has occurred to as well after a period of inactivity, they got a reverification request.

Wonderful news! They’re probably just mad that you’re not doing PPC. :roll_eyes:

I do PPC but .02 per click on everything. I get charged like 22 cents a month. They have to wait until I get a sale before they get paid. lol I am at .60 cents now so I should get a sale soon. lol

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