[Nature] Open e-commerce 1.0, five years of crowdsourced U.S. Amazon purchase histories with user demographics

University researchers have published a free, open access data set of Amazon.com-based consumer behavior data, metrics, and analyses based on 5,000 participant purchases from 2018 to 2023. They report that ASIN-specific data are available.

Some data of note, but much more available:

Spending trends

Top categories

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Did they recruit participants at barnes and noble or something?

Book spend being #1 by a huge margin and more people buying books than a phone charger seems to indicate that this data is heavily biased.



Just because you don’t like, didn’t expect, or don’t agree with the data doesn’t mean that it’s “heavily biased”.

The data did undersample those ages 18+ with only a high school diploma or less, as the researchers noted, who might be less likely to make book purchases. But that’s not “heavy bias”. :roll_eyes: