Need an Amazon / USPS Scan Form Refresher

We recently had our USPS letter carrier “forget” to scan Wednesday’s package pickup of 19 packages, most of which were for Amazon FBM. She also failed to get them on that day’s dispatch truck, so they didn’t get their first scan until Friday morning.

I was thinking of trying to make her life easier and use a scan form for all of our sales channels through ShipStation, but then I seemed to recall a problem with scan forms and Amazon.

If the batch scan form is scanned today, 1/12/24, but the individual packages don’t get scanned until after midnight on 1/13/2024 - Amazon would treat these as shipped on 1/13/2024 - is that correct?

I seem to recall a batch scan form not being counted as an acceptance scan by Amazon. Do I have that right?


Correct. Amazon has not been accepting a batch scan or end-of-day scan that as proof of shipped-on-time (or shipped-at-all).

The “first scan” that Amazon wants and uses to verify shipping and timeliness is the carrier acceptance scan of the individual package.

However, that only comes into play in the instances where an order is not delivered, not delivered on time, if the Buyer has an issue with some aspect of shipping/delivery, and/or the Seller consistently and problematically ships late.

It usually works fine if your handling time has built in accounting for actually shipping with the batch scan but with buffer time for the acceptance scan occurring before Amazon’s last ship-by date.


Thanks for confirming. I have a lot of buyers in Puerto Rico, and USPS is very slow delivering there at times, and I’ve lost a few A-Z claims due to the acceptance scan being missed (despite customer receiving package eventually, but late). So I have to protect myself from these A-Z claims for late / missing delivery.

The scan form would probably work perfectly for every other platform, but would leave me vulnerable on the platform that needs an acceptance scan the most.

My employee was highly motivated to find an alternative to driving the USPS packages into the post office each day.

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I totally get it! Really, it’s a good problem to have.

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And that’s why I make the drive everyday. I too have an unreliable mail carrier.