Need bullet help

I need help from some of you wordsmiths out there.

I am bringing in a lubricant (stop snickering) for O rings and rubber gaskets used on farm equipment. It is a paste instead of a liquid because the liquid drys out in minutes on a hot day in the field.
Can one of you literary genius’ help me describe in a bullet the benefit of longer drying time over liquid form in a manner that makes sense. When I do it, the word time is used repetitively or it just sounds dumb.

@Dogtamer , this will be used in the 21st century bullets, so no “hear ye hear ye” stuff.


How about –

liquids evaporate and dry but this paste adheres and lubricates

Superior adhesion and lubrication vs. a liquid

Maybe the guy with that ‘machine’ from the other day would have some hints…


Didn’t have a clue so we Googled …

This page has some educational points which should help you word the bullet points.

Sample from page on wording (just not in bullet form)

Paste Lubricants

Paste lubricants are a particular kind of lubricant that rely more on the solid lubricants they contain than liquid-based lubricants like oil or greases.

Pastes are a particular kind of lubricant that rely more on the solid lubricants they contain than liquid-based lubricants like oil or greases. Pastes provide friction-reduction by creating a barrier between two surfaces, using solid-lubricant compounds to coat surfaces, allowing a more uniform, lower-friction interaction that reduces wear, heat and other negative impacts of friction. Generally pastes are used in low-speed, high-load applications.




Installation paste allows for slower evaporation time compared to liquid style installation lubricants… or something sounds good.

Thank you.

Think of a rubber boot on a harvester arm that is flexible. You need a water/vegetable based lube to slip the tight rubber over metal, but it will not be holding back any liquids or anything and it can’t be oil based.
A liquid will drip off or dry fast, so we came up with a paste that you can brush on and won’t dry out while out in the field for an hour trying to slip this rubber boot on.

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Edited related to the “guy with that machine from the other day” since I can not stop chuckling.

While I don’t have a bullet point for you, I can understand completely the issue. Years ago I had a 1938 Case, it had a large 1.5 inch piston for the three point hitch. No O-Rings, just a rubber cap that was at the top of the cylinder,

This cap would wear out, and get leaks in it. When you go to replace it in the field it was almost imposable to put in. I found using Crisco, yes the same stuff we made pancakes with in the morning, would help me to insert the rubber.

Agreed; a valuable resource for seeing what others in this marketspace are doing for marketing may be Noria’s Machinery Lubrication magazine.

We don’t sell the same types of products that y’all do, but we have service businesses that have learned a lot from those folks over the years.

That is one of my many life philosophy rules from when I was in sales and needed to ‘fix’ a sales pitch that was not working –

Steal from the best and discard the rest.

"Borrowed’ methods that were working solved a lot of issues.


Well thank (enter your favorite deity here) for Youtube in life, as our house cleaners came while we were away, and we came home to brackets on our newish induction/convection stove.

After some very bad language about unreliable modern equipment, my wife found that our GE cafe appliance has a “Sabbath Mode” that can easily be turned on by pressing a combination of keys normally touched by cleaning.

I can now use my oven again while the lord is resting.

I didn’t really start snickering until I read the sentence that followed and then this

But to your bullet:

A paste lubricant stays slippery where you put it, for as long as it takes to wrestle your rubber on.

Ya ya, my wife already made all the jokes…

“If you are using a white goo at the beginning, either your checklist is in the wrong order, or there is an equipment problem.”
“Tell them how many pallets of lube you bought, honey.” (said at weekend dinner party)
“No one cares how much lube you have when the tube is green and yellow (John Deere colors).”
And on and on, over the weekend. Friends made all the references too, so I was keeping this SFW.

I simply can’t resist asking –

Did you get any lube sales at the party?

Starting a fraternity are we?

and your response should’ve been…

And that’s why they call me the Godfather.

No, but as expected, some requests for samples were hinted at subtly.

Not my style. I am more like Will Ferrell in appearance so…

When we opened our business, back in 1989 we had a lingerie party, it was a think in that decade. The studio was a big open room with the workstations around the outside walls. We had a storage room, that functioned as a changing room for the evening.

The person that ran it made quite a few sales.

  • Long-Lasting Resilience: The paste maintains lubrication over an extended period, guaranteeing the continued functionality of O rings and gaskets in hot field conditions.
  • Enhanced Heat Resistance: Unlike liquids that quickly evaporate, the paste form withstands high temperatures, preventing premature drying and maintaining effective sealing.
  • Optimal Adhesion: The paste adheres better to surfaces, ensuring a consistent, reliable lubrication layer without running or dripping.
  • Reduced Maintenance: With longer-lasting lubrication, equipment requires fewer frequent reapplications, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • All-Weather Reliability: The paste remains effective in diverse weather conditions, from scorching heat to rain, ensuring uninterrupted equipment performance

Hot damn you are good. I should hire you for my future eulogy or resume.

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You forgot one, “obituary” though I do wish you a long and fruitful life.


I have something else planned…

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