Negative Balances on Marketplaces not in use

Wondering how many of my unified NA account friends here are showing tiny negative balances for .CA / .MX.

One of my accounts has pennies for both. The other is just .CA. I have this open with SAS to try and figure it out but nothing back yet and it’s been weeks.

I’m most interested in this because I want to shut down my slow account at some point in 2024. Can’t close the account if there’s a negative balance and Amazon won’t take such a small sum as a payment from CC or bank account.

The concern, of course, is a suspension because I owe Amazon 18 cents which will take down my other account for 18 cents…

@Picks_by_Nisha - Your post on the NSFE made me think of this again. In our case, do you think it won’t matter? I’m not so sure.

SAS doesn’t know I have 2 accounts and I was using SAS to try and figure it out because the SAS account has the same issue. Figured if I found out how to fix that account, I could apply the same logic to the other…

To be clear, I have never done anything in either CA / MX on either account, ever…


We don’t have NAmU status for any of our accounts, thank goodness, but as I’ve mentioned before - both here in the SAS & back in the OSFE days - we’ve had mere pittances like this show up for the Canadian Global Marketplace (we don’t have Mexico @ all) over the years.

Were I to face the scenario that you describe with wanting to close the slow account, I’d probably be inclined to tack along the path mentioned here:

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Well, there is a difference between someone in your situation (wanting to fix one account) and the person in the post you quoted (leaving Amazon totally). Considering what TT is going through, I think you have reason to be concerned.

I would say to try to formally close the account which would likely get some process going to tie up all the loose ends including settling up any remaining negative balance. They might have some kind of process in place to finalize an account in this state.

Just make sure you open the case from the right account…

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Count me in. I noticed this several months ago and decided not to touch it. It’s still there.


Me too.

I have a -0.27 CAD balance, because somehow a lost unit from 5 years ago showed up in toronto last summer. They decided to destroy it and charge me the fee.

I haven’t the heart to open a case. I like myself too much to put myself through that.