Never seen this response from Amazon on an A-Z claim before

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Never had this response from Amazon on an A-Z claim before. Made me chuckle because they would have funded it anyways under the buy shipping guarantee because it was an INR claim.


I got this once about a year ago. I hadn’t seen it before either!



You are recognized as being an above average seller. As always this claim will be counted as part of the process to determine whether you still are when the next claim occurs.

Amazon has funded A-Z claims for sellers when it did not promise to for a long time.


But why waste an opportunity for a FREE suck up to a seller


And to pad their stats, saying how helpful and friendly there are to their selling “partners.” This is probably from the same team that makes up those polls. :laughing:


This is a long-standing practice, and it should not be confused with actions of the slime who are running the NSFE experience or write Amazon’s self-serving press releases.

All Amazon sellers are not created equal, and there have always been perks for those who Amazon has identified as providing superior performance. Whether it be funding A-Z claims or instant approvals for gated categories.

We know we are not Amazon’s partners, but Amazon sometimes can determine when their interests are being well served by a seller.


…but including this specific message?

@maintak said they received one a year ago.

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Yes this message.

Many of those who might qualify, never have an A-Z.


I got that message a good while back (at least 2+ years) it was the only A-Z I had in like 3 or 4 years. They paid it and didn’t hit my ODR


Got that one in December for an INR.

Followed by 2 more A-z for an INR that Amazon stuck us with.

We have received several of those over the years BUT only when under $20 threshold.

I just got this message. Feeling special. :blush:


Like the username.

Thanks - cannot say we agonized very long over what our handle should be. We’ve been pretty PO’d with that platform for nearly 20 years now.