New Amazon search results format

Looks like a lot of these fake brand sellers are going to have a hard time in the near future.


An Amazon change I’m fine with.
How strange.


Is the implication that amazon is adding the brand name whereas it’s not in the title and thus people now understand they’re buying an apple charger from

FeelUup and Cuckuno?

I don’t see how this makes much of a difference. If you’re buying a 5 pack of charging cables for 10 bucks you should know it’s coming direct from a chinese factory. There’s no margin there for a middleman to be involved.

Spoken like an amazon seller. You think the avg consumer/amazon buyer thinks like?


The answer is: No.


Informed customers do know. That said, I still get plenty of buyers messaging me about their orders, FBA and FBM, thinking that I am Amazon customer service and all orders bought on Amazon are bought from Amazon. Plenty of customers are not informed customers.

This is not new information, just a more conspicuous display of information that plenty of buyers are not aware of, even after having made the purchase.


This discussion actually reminds me of something.

In the US, by law, you have to print on the product or packaging somewhere on it the country where it was made. If you order something from amazon, look around, you’ll see “made in china” somewhere on it visible from the outside. If they’re not complying with this law they will have a problem if customs inspects their shipment.

There’s no such requirement for an online listing to list that information.

I think this information is more relevant than more prominently displaying a useless brand name.


I guess Handmade brands don’t show up like that.