New book by a former Amazon Employee who lasted 12 years there...>

I only read the free sample on Kindle, but for Amazon sellers, this promises another look at the chaos that is Amazon management. Can’t wait to read the whole book.

“Coulter is a delightful, funny guide, giving us an insider’s view of Amazon’s quirks and toxicities, and she’s alert to the personalities and characters around her (including glimpses of Jeff Bezos and his management style) . . . An engaging, well-paced, and thoughtful memoir, Exit Interview takes a cleareyed look at women in corporate America, particularly tech, noting how far from parity they remain in those worlds.”
―Sarah McCraw Crow, BookPage

"At Amazon, Coulter worked under conditions of barely controlled chaos she likens to a “goat rodeo staged on a rusty Tilt-a-Whirl.”

I don’t think I could take too much of it. My tolerance for Amazon is low these days. I’ll read something that doesn’t remind me of Homer Simpson :wink:

"When she quit, another ex-Amazonian gave her the name of a trauma counselor, saying “He’s worked with a lot of us.”

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I might have to get this one and actually find time to read it.

One thing for sure – I WON’T be getting it on Amazon. We have an excellent independent book store here that will do the unthinkable and actually order books for my wife-- IN SPANISH.

Somehow they have survived for over 40 years and a couple different owners!


How did this woman get inside my head??

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I’ve thought about writing one as a seller. Thought they would sue me.

Cookies. It’s always cookies.

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