New e-mail survey from Amazon FBM

To anything you rated less than 5 (on a scale of 10) there was a follow-up question as to why you rated so low.

The last question was on Seller support. I was salivating over the possibility of actually being able to put everything wrong with seller support. Alas there was no follow up question on why I rated seller support a 1.
Gives you the idea they know and don’t care.


I found it interesting when I spoke to someone in Account Health last week concerning an issue with my bank account verification the person told me I needed to open a case with Seller support before I could get help.
I responded, “Really, they are known for giving out incorrect information!”
The person actually responded, “yes, we hear that a lot from sellers.”

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Sellers = the people who actually can tell the difference between accurate information and SS BS.