New FBA Listings not active

Is anyone having issues with listing new FBA products? We’ve listed several new-to-Amazon ASINs over the last few weeks. In the backend, all are showing the inventory has been received and available but when you view them on Amazon’s site it says unavailable.

When I open a case with seller support they tell me it’s a listing error and I need to delete, wait 24 hours, and relist. This is super annoying and frustrating since I have to do this for every new listing. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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We haven’t experienced this ourselves, but there’s been a stark increase in the number of reports of this exact phenomenon, over the last 6 months or so, in the NSFE.

Were I to attempt to troubleshoot a problem like this, I’d likely be inclined to see if there were any clues as to what’s going on starting with the Complete Your Drafts & Listing Quality Dashboards, and by a perusal of the events shown by Inventory Ledger.

Delete, wait, and relist is my SOP for resolving an inactive, but with available inventory FBA ASIN.

I don’t wait 24 hours though, waiting 15 minutes is usually sufficient.

This is also one of the easiest issues to resolve when it comes to listing problems. Just wait till you get bogus restricted product violations.

Stupid question but the offer go live date is not in the future right???

Agreed… Been there done that.

Sadly also agreed because… wait for it… been there done that too.

Same and more than once. Now that’s dumb…


Yes, no future date – I’ve actually never used that field. If it’s in Amazon’s warehouse – sell, sell sell!


I would get ahead of the issue here.

Create the ASIN, send the inventory in. While the inventory is in transit, delete and recreate the ASIN (don’t forget to use the same MSKU), that should solve whatever glitch is occurring and when the shipment is received you’ll be good to go.