New low inventory levels

I finally dove in to this this week. I read through the forum and the links that brought back to Amazon. I want to be sure I understand this new policy and act accordingly. I am in the handmade space so I need to get cracking on making new items OR pull back from FBA and go FBM as I have many SKUs
So this is saying item 1 has 14.5 days of supplies, and I MUST have over 28 days, right? And the last one I have 31.5 days so technically I am good.


Assuming I am right, where is the recommended levels I should maintain? are these them? first item they want 60 items at all times? 2nd item, 40 at all times, etc?

If this is correct, what do you think I should have as a surplus? 20, 30, 10%? this is the part I cannot figure out.

Our thought would be …

Min-level + Historical Quantity Sold per 60 or 90 day rolling period ( the 60 or 90 day rolling period would be determined by the historical time you experience in getting items into FBA )

In other words … enough to cover Min-level plus historical sales (projected) for the period until you are sending in the next batch to FBA.

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Agree, although you would think that Amazon would make an exception for Handmade with this policy because… handmade… There’s still time.