New scam?

Got a potential new one.
Buyer apparently has his house on the watch list for USPS so instead of delivering packages if no one is home they have to go to PO to pick up package.

Po then scans as delivered at PO when picked up.

So buyer contacts us saying the item was never delivered because it states that the delivery was at the PO.

Eat a male reproductive organ, Used Amazon buy shipping and your gluts had to sign for it.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not so much a new scam as a new bad customer.

Pretty annoying either way, but as you said you should be covered. Time to shrug and get a snack.
Garlic pita chips maybe?


Richard was censored

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I think the term is a whole bag of them.

Now available in convenient pallet-loads direct from the factory!