New seller fulfilled return email format

I just received an Amazon return email that includes this:

  • Return Policy Check: In-Policy Return
  • Authorization: Auto Authorized by Amazon

As if Amazon is pre-checking if the return is in policy. It sounds like a new initiative but I don’t think it is, just new language.
Their ‘check’ is incomplete. This return is not entirely within the policy, it meets the return window policy but it does not actually qualify for a free return label.

Return Reason: Item arrived too late

The buyer’s claim may describe when they needed it but it was not late by Amazon’s definition and actually delivered March 9th, before the delivery window of

Mon, Mar 11, 2024 to Wed, Mar 13, 2024

It was shipped on March 6th.

The emails used to have this language that alludes to a system check:

A customer has requested to return the item(s) listed below and the request is auto authorized as per the return policies.

I wish Amazon would tweak the bot to include days prior to the first delivery window date and deny the free label for ‘arrived late’ claims on orders delivered prior to the last delivery window date.


Fix would be a check between last day of ship by date plus one to last day of deliver by date.


Agreed. I always have to appeal SafeT Claims on these because the claim bots also only look within the delivery window for claim approval.