New Shipping Service for FBA Shipments

Did anyone else see this as an option today?

Amazon is now offering their own pickup service as an alternative to UPS for shipments going to FBA warehouses.

My initial reaction was not bad, it will save me a few dollars until I scrolled down and got to the pickup window…

There is no other option to select, just 7:30 - 10pm. Don’t think I’ll be paying by shipping guy to sit around all night, UPS does their last pickup at 4:00pm.

Just another example of another well-thought-out Amazon “improvement” for sellers.


Also, as a customer, FBA deliveries are the worst. Same team doing the pick ups of my inventory and not f’ing it up? eh… I’ll continue to trust UPS to get it there for now!


7:30PM-10PM UTC.

If you’re EST, subtract 5 hours - i.e. 2:30PM-5PM


My bad! I’m in CST and misread it. Why can’t we just put our time zone under settings and they just show everything in our local time zones?!

But as @aerides stated, I also have enough issues with Amazon shipping, I’ll stick to UPS which is far more reliable and easier to track. It’s not worth the few extra dollars in savings.


Guarantee most of us didn’t catch that, or know how to convert it!
I have enough trouble going back and forth just the one hour.


Haven’t been offered that which is weird based on our location.

Wouldn’t use it anyway. UPS Partnered is as good as it gets. Never once has one got lost and it always gets there quick (Unless Amazon tells UPS to hold it and that happens)…

That’s where you will see "A carrier Delay Has Occurred " on the tracking. That ain’t the carrier, that’s Amazon controlling UPS…



Really? I’ve had one stuck on carrier delay for a while now:


When have you ever seen that message on a non-FBA inbound shipment?

I’ve never had UPS miss an expected delivery date, except for FBA inbound shipments which almost always have that message.

This has nothing to do with UPS and everything to do with Amazon making UPS hold the shipment in their hub.

I’ve written about this several times and confirmed it when it happened to us the first time with UPS.


How’s FTW1 doing for everyone else? I’ve got 3 boxes going there. Hope they’re not all going to get delayed.