New Version of Chrome

This really isn’t fun but has anyone else had the latest version of Chrome automatically installed on their PC? They have made it incredibly easy to accidentally close windows OR force them to a new window. This thing SUCKS!

Gotta get used to this…

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I’ve been wonder what error I was committing to make a tab move to a new window. Now I understand why but not how.


I still use FF … without a choice to do anything but :heart: a post, so hadn’t noticed it. Checking now as I did get a bloody update last night on my laptop!


Haven’t figure it out yet either. I also don’t understand the purpose of that. There has to be a reason. Probably in the tutorial for the update I immediately X’d out. LOL


I found it’s purpose when I opened it up …


Manage Chrome updates (Windows)

Manage updates on ChromeOS devices

On our window 11 (and windows 10), our chrome updates when we update it. A notification appears in the upper left to let us know an update is available for us to execute. Didn’t remember where the setting was so looked up the links above … might help :thinking: