No More than 15 days off?

So I finally figured out where people are seeing the “no more than 15 days off” from Walmart:

Screenshot 2024-01-15 074559

I am one of those who forgot to mark today as a holiday – and went through and marked them last night. So yes, working to pack a few today, will take the hit, and oh well.

I’m also in the camp that WALMART should be marking these as shipping holidays.

Anyways, I need to take a week off to head north again (to work on Mom’s estate by clearing out the house). It’s not a VACATION… but still. Yesterday, I marked one of those days. Today, I went to choose a few more – and that’s when the message poppoed up.

I went over to February and unmarked the federal holiday and the message disappeared.

There are 11 Federal Holidays now…so Walmart is saying we can only take 4 days off? I gotta go back and double check my other days. Maybe I took too many “long weekends” around a holiday and there’s 15 of those marked…? But for a fact, when I unchecked President’s day in February, that red notice disappeared.

Yep, just counted and it’s a total of 15 days which includes the 11 federal holidays.