Nothing like logging in first thing Monday morning to a barrage of idiots posing as customers. <venting>

My messages this morning do not energize or inspire me to better face the week ahead.

You sent me Emerson brand. How dare you send me Emerson? Its half the price!

The listing was for an Emerson brand thermostat. What were you expecting, Nike? Half the price compared to what? What are you talking about?!

i placed my order 4 hours ago and still no traking! i will sue!


This pump is iron you cheating *&$%! I cant believe you sent me such cheap sht! I paid extra for stteel! I need steel! If you dont refund me and send me a new STEEL pump right now ill call the fbi and have your a$@ thrown in jail! Do you even speak english? i said STEEL! Send me STEEL!

The listing is for a cast iron pump. The picture shows a cast iron pump. The words “cast iron” appear in the title, twice in the bullet points, twice again in the product details, and on the picture of the packaging. The word steel does not appear anywhere in the listing. The part number is for the cast iron pump. How much clearer can I be? But the feds will be paying me a visit soon (apparently) so maybe they can explain it to me.

A message informing me that because I am a scam artist, they will be keeping the item and getting a refund plus $20 for their troubles and filing a claim with the police, FBI, Post Office, Attorney General, their Congressman and Senator, and (I kid you not) my mother. At no point do they mention what it is that I allegedly did earn my scamming creds. This order was placed on Saturday so I haven’t even had the chance to ship it yet.

And my personal favorite, the buyer who called 6 times in a 90 minute span to get 6 different Customer Service reps to send me 6 different messages about undoing a refund for a previously returned order to get a replacement instead.

I haven’t even looked at the 2 AtoZ claims yet.

It’s not a scammer, it’s a competitor attacking your ODR

Both claims are for returned orders that are still in transit. Amazon granted both claims and hit me with metrics violations.

The other blatant competitor attack orders need to be cancelled/refunded asap if your metrics can handle the cancellations. If already shipped consider intercepting and refunding.

By sending you a message they’re laying the groundwork to open an A-Z. I’ve seen this type of attack before. Usually it’s some kind of innocuous message like “Hey, just wondering when you’ll ship this” or a random question about the product (if anyone receives a bunch of these types of messages in a day when you normally don’t get those types of inquiries, watch out!), which fulfills the requirement that they contact the seller to open an A-Z. This way they can open an A-Z later on without giving you a chance to issue a refund without hitting your ODR


Modern society has turned this outgoing person into an introvert for all the above listed examples. I love going to the office being the door locks behind everyone that enters. No “welcome/open” sign, no retail services whatsoever. Even our listed phone on Amazon goes to voicemail telling everyone to call 888-280-4331.

We do not play around with the one way hypocritical Amazon feedback program, so staff utilize this 100% and take all steps to avoid communication with “Amazon’s Customers”.
FBA for all these reasons. No EBay for the exact same reasons.

Sorry people suck.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: “compared to what?” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Obviously not very good at math … they should have expected 1/3 the price … when you look at it, Emerson is only one of the three … Emerson, Lake and Palmer …


Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 11-00-41 ELP - Google Search

Sorry a bit OT, but this experience will train you to fight with insurance companies and later, Medicare. Spent 2 hours on the phone today arguing with blithering idiots…