Now Customer Service is as cr**** as Seller Services. AMAZing!

Please bear with me as I compare my customer service experiences on this last 2 weeks from both Temu and Amazon,

So, after giving it much thought, I decided to place my first Temu order a couple weeks ago (free shipping, same chinese “merchandise” that is flooding Amazon, at half or even less the price. I just needed some party supplies and craft items as a birthday gift. Obviously, I paid with paypal)
The package tracking stop showing progress (in China) after a couple of days. Contacted Customer service. Result: the tracking was updated less than 30 minutes after my chat, and the package was left at my doorstep about 5 days later. Total time from order to delivery, about a week and a half.

I placed an order with Amazon a week ago, delivery date 2 days ago (Prime, obviously not prime anymore as the 2 day delivery is now an exemption and not the rule ). It didn’t arrive on the promised date. An email that night told me to wait for 48 hrs and if the item wasn’t delivered, to contact them for a refund… This morning (48 hrs later), another email told me that there was “a problem” with my package, and to wait another 48 hrs for it to arrive, and if not, to contact them… it was enough.

Upon checking the tracking, the delivery shows as “cancelled” as the package was damaged. How on earth if the delivery was cancelled, would it suppose to arrive in 48hrs? I started a chat with CS.

In short: “You have to wait 3 to 5 days for the refund, but, hey!, you can just place another order right now!” (it was a high price item I needed specifically for this week). I told the guy that I can’t place another order, as I don’t have the money, because they decided to damage the package, and then make me wait for 5 days for the money. His answer: “no problem, I just placed a replacement order. You’ll get it by wednesday”.

After around 5 hours, I decided to check if said replacement order was indeed placed… it wasn’t. Contacted CS (again). This time, the lady told me that, as expected, there was never a replacement order, and that she just refunded to my amazon gc balance, so I could place the order right away. She told me to wait for 2 to 3 hours for the balance to update.

More than 3 hours later, and no balance, third chat with CS: This guys, now, told me that no refund was issued, and that he would “escalate” the case to his “superior leader” to issue the refund right away. Told me to wait 30 minutes for the refund to appear on my account…

Obviously, 2 hours in, nothing. This is the new Amazon customer service!

Conclusion: now we know why the chinese counterpart is stealing all the sales. Amazon is just going downhill so fast that is just sad… Until now, they were the most customer centered business in the world… now, not even near, with CS representatives trained to lie as they see fit, just to close a case as fast as possible . Customers now are being treated at the same level of garbage as sellers. :roll_eyes:.


I’ve noticed this too, to file an INR you have to talk to a trash live customer service rep. Why can’t that just be handled by the automated system? Makes zero sense whatsoever.


It’s really absurd!

The “new” automated system is like: “hey! I damaged your package so I just won’t deliver it!” that’s it!

What about “I’m sending a replacement” or at least “I’m processing your refund”?

It’s so stupid that would be laughable, but I’m so p**** right now with all this mess that definitely won’t laugh :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Temu is in the FIRST stage of being an “online platform”, just as Amazon was years ago -

  1. First, be good to the users - lose lots of money being so good to them.

  2. Then after attracting enough users to achieve critical mass and be “a significant platform”, abuse the users to make things better for the sellers/suppliers/content creators. Loose money doing so, its OK, just look at the stock price!

  3. Lastly, abuse BOTH users and supplier to capture all the value for the shareholders, but sell one’s own shares, as this won’t last long.

  4. Sellers and users abandon and bad-mouth the company, regulators regulate, congresscritters hold hearings, but you’ve got your money, so you don’t care.

Temu’s at (1), Amazon is at (3) or (4)

When Temu gets to (2), then we all sign up for a few years with them, and this forum becomes a discussion of Temu more than Amazon


Not a word to add. :clap:t2:


Jeff Bezos did just sell a lot of amazon stock

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“A Lot” is relative.
To normal people it was a ludicrously large amount of stock.
To Jeff it was “pennies”.