[NSFE] Comments on a topic

The topic is Peak season 2023, unprecedented low sales while have to pay 2.7 times storage fee than usual time.

These two comments stood out to me:

  1. We know that temu is engaged in unethical and possibly illegal practices, with ulterior motives, that keep their prices artificially low–but do Buyers care?

  2. And are Buyers gravitating away from Amazon to do their shopping, but still prefer to Buy With Amazon off-site?


As a buyer, I do care. I don’t trust Temu. That said, my friend shops there all the time. She did get shafted on her last purchase, because she did not see that that the pair of salad claws was for 1 claw (sneaky the way they hid that within the listing).

Anyway, my target audience is businesses. Many of them are in healthcare or government. Thus, I think maybe I am more immune from Temu, because those institutions are less likely to be buying from Temu.

If you want some low quality look alike clothing temu’s probably alright for that. I wouldn’t buy anything there that could cause any kind of liability since it looks like they’re cheaping out on their products big time.


People shop on Amazon for lots of reasons, from convenience to buyer protections to habit. People don’t shop on Amazon because they found a better price, they don’t like Amazon (for any number of reasons), the item isn’t available on Amazon, or they are impulse shoppers and they buy whatever catches their eye wherever they see it.

I don’t know much about Temu as a marketplace, but my impression of it is a sort of cross between Alibaba and Etsy.

The people who shopon Amazon because they know and like and trust Amazon are going to keep shopping there as long as they continue to know and like and trust it. The people who don’t shop on Amazon because they don’t like the way Amazon does things are not going to shop on a place like Temu, which I imagine does things… worse. That just leaves the people who see it and buy it, and they are gonna do that no matter where they see it.

I don’t shop much online, so maybe there is something going on that I don’t know about, but I have trouble seeing why a buyer would want to shop off Amazon, but still want to order an item Prime. If the buyer deliberately wants a non Amazon option, why would they then choose the Amazon option? Don’t get me wrong, fast shipping is great, but for people who need everything immediately… wouldn’t they just use Amazon in the first place?

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I’m assuming the item was actually half a pair of claws (hence “1 claw”), so it’s not useful at all.

Otherwise I would think a “pair of claws” means 2 claws joined together in some kind of springy way.


If we’re talking about this, I would refer to that as a “pair” for a single unit much like pliers or scissors. But I could be wrong on the terminology.

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Agree, in your case.

Temu is pushing it and its app, really hard.

The Amazon option is like using Paypal. They don’t want to enter their credit card, so they use the Amazon option.