NSFE - Get answers from the Seller Satisfaction & Insights Team

NSFE: Get answers from the Seller Satisfaction & Insights Team at an Ask Amazon Event on 3/19

Ever wonder what happens to the polling question responses that are entered on Seller Central daily? That data is provided to a specific team within Amazon called the Seller Satisfaction & Insights team. This team of applied scientists, researchers, product and program managers takes the responses provided by sellers on Seller Central to generate quantitative and qualitative research studies to measure and track seller sentiment regarding your experience selling on Amazon. Next, these studies are distributed throughout Amazon to promote seller experience improvements by reducing seller pain points. This team therefore acts as an internal source of seller voice and influence, providing an avenue for Amazon business teams to gain clarity based on the feedback provided by sellers in Seller Central. To learn more, join us for our next Ask Amazon Event on Tuesday March 19 to chat with Corliss Collier, Sr Leader of the Seller Insights & Research team along with her team from 8-5PM PST.


I’m amazed that there really is a team of what sounds like very well paid people doing something with those seller central polls.

I kind of expect that their distributed studies just have a 42 in big font on the page.


@joebcrafts your 100% right, that question does not English

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see the images …


I posted on the old forum when they announced the nsfe that I’d never post, like, or otherwise interact with the nsfe in any form as a protest. I’ve stuck by that and will continue to. I hope it continues to dwindle to less than 1 seller interaction a day and that entire team gets fired.

Everything about this particular OP topic is absolutely hilarious. If feels like every couple years some new person or team make a heartfelt claim they want feedback… as if it’s not been given routinely, daily prior to that. This is Groundhog Day and insulting


Yeah, a bright eyed optimistic fresh hire that is excited to help, only to find that the status quo will prevail and nothing they want to do will ever happen.





Sorry. I flat out don’t believe it.

Amazon spending time and money on something that only benefits sellers (in theory)? With no public notice of Amazon being the kind and gentle good-guy company? Nah. The public doesn’t care enough about Amazon sellers to make Amazon look good by treating them right. So no benefit there.

So how can that flat out lie be constructed from truth?

Let’s see … Amazon does employ (in various capacities) scientists, researchers, product and program managers. One of them once happened to see a poll. They mentioned it to someone else who works at Amazon.

That ought to do it.


I totally agree. If they were really concerned about “reducing seller pain points,” then just look at the NSFE and the issues people are posting over and over again. I


So much this.


Amazon can’t handle the truth


time to check in on the “live” festivities…


Expecting a not answer for this topic appropriate question.

They should be willing to give an example if they want to claim they’re actively doing anything.


Even with a impressive team of people, this makes little sense because

First, the poll questions are usually garbage. They are generally very broad, ill-defined, and self serving.

Further for the answers to be understood, they must reflect seller, and all sellers are not equal. Newbies, vs Vets. Large vs small shops, Power user vs one a monthers. etc.

In other words

Garbage in - Garbage out.


LOVE this call out!


I was reading that pathetic thread earlier over there.

Avoiding all the real pressing issues sellers deal with on the daily has always been the Moderator’s specialty. Same thing every time. The definition of insanity.


Not only ignoring other questions but basically refusing to give any nuggets of what they are taking in, what they have interpreted, and what they are going to do. Nothing but generalities and…

NO, we will NEVER share poll results.

The company line for questions pertaining to helping sellers is:

We promise we are working on something and you’ll be happy with what we’ve announced when the time comes.



Sounds like those who inhabit the US Capital!!


Maybe if the NSFE mods were better at COMMUNICATING what teams are involved with Seller issues and what their specific subject matter areas are, then they wouldn’t get so many “off topic” responses.

I mean, as a Seller, I can guess what the “Seller Satisfaction & Insights” team might do, but a mod merely posting the name of the team is not actual communication of their purpose and scope.

The term “Seller Satisfaction” implies waaay more than simply “Seller Poll” or “Seller Research” team might. So respectfully:

CTFD Corliss_Amazon and Jameson_Amazon

Sellers aren’t in-the-know around all the Amazon teams, and leaving us to guess gets us justifiably upset. :eyes: