NSFE: How to file customer return fraud with FBA - Amazon Accelerate Said this was possible


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  • Why don’t you ever go the accelerate thing Amazon hosts? Sounds like they have a lot going on?

    • Because I know more than they do already, and I don’t need to pay to be lied to in person when I can get it via email in the comfort of my own office.
  • But those are Amazon employees! They should be experts about Amazon!

    • I know, sad isn’t it?
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Even more fun, you can remotely attend the Accelerate conference and then spend yet more time watching videos seven days after it ends!

I actually don’t know how much longer our access to the videos will continue.

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I liked this response, but it has some pushback:

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What;s to push back on? That’s pretty close to my process…


I wouldn’t exactly call this pushback. It’s just a broad and correct statement on how Amazon works.

You follow policy to the letter, roll the dice. Sometimes you succeed. Most of the time you don’t. It’s the Amazon way!


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The long-time forum vet who posted that reply was pointing out that the recommended process doesn’t invariably work for them for some ‘switcheroo’ situations - which leads to something else s/he mentions that can prove highly beneficial, Product Serialization - when Amazon’s automated mechanisms are the gatekeepers of a support path.


Missed it by that much :pinching_hand::

I’m considering changing my handle to “Old Pokey” in light of the alarmingly-frequent examples of bein’ a day late and a dollar short over the last few decades… :smile_cat:

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