NSFE: Issue with image replacement/addition

Agreed, in spades.

Of greater concern to me is the inability to correct misconceptions, patent falsehoods, and the like now that most of the seasoned and savvy vets have fled to greener pastures, or simply stopped participating entirely.

Admittedly, Amazon’s Seller Help Content is disjointed, at best, and often badly out of date - but one might reasonably think that the members of the FMT/CMT should know how Amazon works in minute detail, but sadly that is frequently not so.

A case in point is this recent post (made 2 hours ago @ the time of this writing) from one of the better mods, Glenn_Amazon:


Glenn is apparently unaware that Amazon actually does support a mechanism for exactly what the OP of that thread is wanting to accomplish - use different Language of Preference images for the same ASIN - for 21 of the current Global Marketplaces, via the Country Specific Upload (link) ‘sub’-Dashboard of the Image Manager Dashboard’s “Bulk image upload” ‘tab.’

In earlier times, this would likely have been corrected by one of the old hands fairly quickly - but since so few of them are left, it’s probably unlikely that this will happen; since Glenn is an Amazonian, the misinformation will probably stand with the sign of official imprimatur…

@Brigitte can you please see @Dogtamer 's post above and correct on the NSFE? :grimacing:


Wondering if this is OK @Dogtamer.


This is Amazon. Nothing is simple or less time-consuming.


This is a long explanation issue and can have several issues, but the short version likely relates to your “Detail Page Control” over these ASINs in other Marketplaces being to low to effect the change. Many times it doesn’t matter if you created them.


That is because once uploaded they can only be replaced, not deleted.
I hate to go against someones advice, but the same ASIN in different Marketplaces doesn’t have to share the same images.
Also, creating new ASINs in different Marketplaces prevents Reviews from combining. So not something I’d suggest


This comment has no relevance to ASIN’s in different Marketplaces. I’m not sure why it’s here @ Glenn_Amazon. The same ASIN in another Marketplace can have different images according to Amazon.

I’m going to quote some Dogtamer, with some minor edits, instead of writing up my own version.

Dogtamer - “Amazon actually does support a mechanism for exactly this - use different Language of Preference images for the same ASIN - for 21 of the current Global Marketplaces, via the Country Specific Upload (link)Amazon Sign-In ‘sub’-Dashboard of the Image Manager Dashboard’s “Bulk image upload” ‘tab.’”

Back to @oneida_books and some additional comments …

I’ll separately point out #3 on file names as I have before -Image files must be named by ASIN + variant code + file extension (for example, B000123456.MAIN.jpg)

And then this from the bottom of the help page: “Country specific upload doesn’t support US-specific uploads at this time. To upload images to show in the US, use the global bulk upload tool.”

Go figure … how dumb is that? Doesn’t cover the US?


Yes, it is fine with me, Rob - I have no objections to being quoted (although I cannot guarantee whether or not the FMT will feel the same :slightly_smiling_face: ).


@Dogtamer and @oneida_books, I made these posts their own topic. Too much useful info to get buried in a holiday thread.


Hello papy, first I have to say that the e-mail message sent by the system doesn’t lead to THAT post but to some “Merry Christmas” post, so I had to search for the post you meant. But since Dogtamer also wrote me a message, I imagined that you are talking about this picture question. Hereafter my answer to Dogtamer, who sent a link that SHOULD lead to the explanation how to upload different pictures in different marketplaces:

Hello Dogtamer, thank you very much for this explanation. Personally I don’t need this function, but I have read - probably in the forum - that it was not possible to use different pictures for different marketplaces, that’s why my wrong answer. If I try the first link (…/country) it leads to the European accounts which I have in my seller central but I never use them and I don’t want to log in there, for not “breaking” anything… or get a “suspended account” warning. I visited the “Image Manager” help page in my .com account and there I don’t see any possibility of “country”. I could imagine that this is possible for the European countries and European accounts but not for the northamerican. MAYBE if my European marketplaces were activated I would have this possibility. I tried to upload the first link in an answer to the OP, but the US forum is identifying that link as “non Amazon”. So I answered vaguely to the OP to search with the help of the search bar. I definitely couldn’t find this function, but thank you anyway!

Please, answer in the future in the NSFE to the OP!

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If I could, I certainly would - but our corporate policy (which, admittedly, I myself wrote in stone long before I was ‘retired’ “upstairs” in 2012) prohibits participation in any discussion venue where, by design, the corporate veil can be easily pierced.

There’s a bit of a silver lining in that, as I am no longer constrained to spend time correcting foibles by the Amazonians, such as the hat-trick exhibited by the AHT (“Account Health Team”) SME (“Subject Matter Expert”) Mindy_Amazon in this recent post to an NSFE discussion (link):

The phrase “hat-trick,” in its broadest sense (in the English language), designates three separate instances of the same thing occurring; in this particular circumstance cited above, it represents 3 separate errors in understanding how Amazon works:

In the first place, Mindy has provided the ‘dev’ link to the SHC (“Seller Help Content”) page Your Merchant Token (link, Seller Central Help Hub Revision URL) - as more than a few of us pointed out over the years in the OSFE, ANY ‘dev’ link is by design for the internal use of Amazonians, only, which explains WHY they are all behind the Midway Authentication Portal which requires credentialing that only Amazon’s actual employees can supply (well, at least as long as such credentials aren’t shared with/exposed to Bad and/or Unknown Actors).

Secondly, Mindy has evidently interpreted the “View your merchant token” ¶ (the “Pilcrow” symbol used here is a ‘shorthand’ used by the publishing industry to indicate a paragraph) of the above linked SHC page to indicate that 3P Sellers who are enrolled in the Individual Selling Plan do not have their own unique Merchant ID:

The only thing the Editorial Team is trying to convey with that ¶ is the fact - as is true of many other features of Seller Central - some are only available to 3P Sellers who are enrolled in the Professional Selling Plan; in point of fact, EVERY singular SoA (‘Amazonese’ for “Selling on Amazon” aka 3P Seller aka Seller Central) Account is automatically assigned its own unique Merchant Token/Seller ID/Merchant ID, directly upon creation, as may be easily seen in various Offer-Listing URLs directing to SoA Accounts which are not.

Finally - and this is why I count the hat-trick - Mindy would seem to be unaware of just how easy it is to direct the OP to search certain of their Offer-Listing URLs in order to extract the token when all other lights fail.


Here’s another instance of an NSFE discussion where I truly wish I could participate, and direct the OP to the Country-specific upload functionality:


It remains to be seen whether or not Jameson_Amazon or Danny_Amazon, both tagged by the OP in a subsequent reply - and both of whom, like the aforementioned Glenn, I suspect are probably mostly-respected members of the FMT-CMT in our Seller Community - will right the ship.


The hits just keep on coming on the sharing of Midway Authentication Portal-gated links by members of the AHT’s SMEs cohort; Emet just did it again about an hour ago for the Account Health Dashboard (link) and the Voice of the Customer Dashboard (link) alike:


Hey, @ least Emet got the SHC page link correct, and the advice given isn’t totally inaccurate for USAN (“Used Sold As New”) problems - but I must admit that I think there’s a strong possibility that whenever Amazonians themselves can’t keep the details straight in their minds (and actions), more than a few might think of the fabled Emperor’s New Clothes…