NSFE: My Amazon account has been deactivated. What should I do with the registered brands?

There are times when all I can do is wonder how someone can so blatantly say what their intentions are in PUBLIC forums run by the platform that they are on.

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We see a second deactivated account coming in the very near future.


I think the big question is what was the account deactivated for?

Was it an accusation against the product / brand or the seller?

Plenty of accounts get deactivated for selling a registered brand that continues to sell on Amazon by another account(s).

You can’t personally sell the brand anymore but it is in Amazon’s catalog…


The seller has not posted their deactivation notice as of yet so I do not have more information to give. Supposedly they have 4 private labels attached to the account. It is possible that they received an IP for one of them.


They either have no knowledge that what they are asking to do is prohibited OR they hold the opinion that “others do it all the time” so they should get away with it.

My question is whether they mean that they want to open a second new account of their own, or if they want to transfer to another current Seller’s account.

The responses already there are good, but they both address dealing with the reason for deactivation, not the OP’s question. I had about a 50/50 chance on OSFE of ever getting an OP to reply if they just wanted to move on and not deal with their deactivated account. They often just wanted a shortcut, a workaround for the problem–not to address the problem.

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This normally indicates they know they have no chance, or they don’t want to put the effort into correcting what they did wrong


“A day later” and no reply from OP posting their suspension notice, despite both of the only two replies requesting it :unamused:

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They are long since gone. I will be really surprised if they ever return.


The VA that posted the question has been canned or not paid


If I were a prospective buyer I’d be leery of getting linked to their seller account if I bought their brands. Assuming it’s not the brands themselves that are the issue.