NSFE Top 4 threads are an embarrassment

I have not onboarded, never will, but these are the 4 threads Amazon default presents to any non-logged in user.

Nice Work Kate!

While I agree with you 100%, is this really any different than the top threads on the OFSE?

With the NSFE, you can see a lot more of the gory details but even so…

Not sure I ever remember seeing positive things in trending threads.

Has anyone every authored a thread on any Amazon forum that said “Great Job Amazon, we love you, everything is beyond my expectations on this amazing marketplace” :laughing: :roll_eyes:


To be fair, that thread is clearly sarcastic, though the mass of downvotes shows that nobody gets that and got pissed off thinking it’s serious.

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Sarcasm is a subtle thing, when visual and vocal cues are absent (as is often the case in written communications) - hence the need for the so-called “/sarc-off” tag.

Grandpa got it, though. :wink:


While true, the entire post is a satirical song about how great Amazon is.

I thought he was referring to this post btw, but I just noticed it has a different title:

Surely I’d upvote this because it’s funny. But people are posting angry responses to it.


On the osfe they at least knew how to archive and delete threads to they didn’t appear on top!

The osfe also could be indexed. The nsfe is so poorly coded gooogle doesn’t touch it!


“Most Viewed” says more about the idiots reading them than the NSFE, to me anyway.

Maybe they should be archived, but I don’t really see the need. My sugar is up to 250 though so I’m not 100%. :slight_smile:


To be fair, I suspect that I’m not-hardly the Lone Ranger in thinking that I’d sooner have a mere 1% of you over 100% of some of the ninnies who’ve bloomed like spring wildflowers over in Katie’s abomination.

May your recovery be swift.

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You just had to ask, didn’t you… I just noticed that @GGX beat me to it though.

I was out for a couple hours with my wife. Missed opportunities…

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I remain convinced that the OP of the discussion you just removed the link for (and the “Me Likey” discussion by the same author that was wiped by the FMT/CMT) was posting tongue-in-cheek responses to this one from two prior:


I’m pretty sure it was some really good drugs and there would be a huge market for the formula. There’s an obvious need for some ‘happy pills’ …

And there’s a solution for the need:

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Well, the top thread on Amazon forums (on the default homepage) is now…

Locked thread, nuff said

I see the joke mods evaluate things the same way Amazon bots do, by the # of flags on something and not on the merits of the content/flags.

Not that it is spam, just that they are retired of people reporting it.

Susan, you are better then that.

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Yes, as she SO superlatively demonstrated, to one and all, for many a year after Lauren & crew fled for greener pastures.

Thanks ever so much, Katie.