[NSFE] What's the single greatest thing Amazon could do to help sellers right now

:thinking: I’m curious: what do SAS members think Amazon could do, right now, to help all 3Ps?

(My vote would be either reducing referral fees or offering Amazon-funded coupons/sales.)


Since we’re either diving into a recession or already there, Amazon should adjust their advertising accordingly. Completely blanket traditional and digital media: “Amazon - perfect for cheap gifts for people you don’t actually like. Also, crap for your kids that they’ll play with once.”

They can act like it’s a joke too, but we all know it isn’t. This would probably result in double-digit sales growth YoY even with consumer spending tanking.


Refrain from making untested changes
Refrain from A / B testing where the 3P seller has no say
Refrain from making changes and then following with the announcement (which creates the damage first and mass struggles for 3P sellers to adjust to them second).

Basically … refrain from Glitchmas moves (probably too late for that now … maybe next year … HoHoHo!)

Improve the customer search function


Fix the high price bot.

Put some actual effort into cleaning up the catalog.

Put more effort into removing the worst sellers that make everything worse for everyone else.

Stop rolling out solutions in search of problems, especially during the fall/winter.

Stop giving me pennies on the dollar when you lose my stuff.


Fix Seller Support.

Fix the effin price bot. I have never seen a more broken bot.

Fix the pesticide bot. It is almost as broken as the price bot.

Stop breaking the Buy Shipping. This does not effect us personally now, but it did at one point.

Fix the catalog and work on making it harder to steal ASIN by changing titles and Brands on them. This last one is a pet peeve of mine.

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The biggest change I can think of on amazon is the exact match campaigns are no longer exact match campaigns. I can’t remember when I first noticed this earlier this year but now exact match campaigns that are even isolated function more like phrase match. This has removed control over ppc - the only work around is to reduce bids over time ofc and then drive external traffic but still this has been profoundly irresponsible of amazon (ofc to their benefit).

If they reversed this, it would give sellers/brands a lot more control over their ppc spend.

They are forever the enemy you keep closer than your friend(s).

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GATE every category and demand both LOA and invoices from authorized distributors.

Roll back that INSANE “generic” branding monstrosity.

Immediately whitelist EVERY brand in BR and make the brands provide a list of authorized sellers that can list products.

Do away with the useless ‘Feedback’ system. Go to a ‘delivery efficiency’ score based on the % of orders delivered by the expected dates.

Any seller under an 80% rating on Feedback (since they will NOT do away with it) should be forced to do only FBA.

How much bandwidth do we have? I could go on…


The problem with all of these is it involves change, and anytime Amazon changes something it somehow causes more problems for sellers.

For whatever reason Amazon treats their entire site like the DEV environment, which makes any kind of change scary.

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Since I sell only books, much of what others encounter are foreign to me (I couldn’t run ads if I wanted to; no multiples on a SKU, etc.)
Lower fees would be great, but the biggest thing that would help me is to LET ME RUN MY BUSINESS AS I SEE FIT.
That means don’t tell me my price (lower than any other website) is too high because it was less 50 years ago. Don’t change my shipping settings. And don’t merge/change ASINs without telling me! (actually, don’t make ANY changes without notification; in case of FBA fee changes, give us some real advance warning.)


Well, THIS is the Amazon testing lab for brilliant new ways to torment sellers –

The main issue is, Amazon used to be the “everything store,” now it’s more like the “cheap crap from china store,” so they try to pressure people to lower prices in any way possible.


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How about a zip code driven shipping cost calculation like most sites.
We’ll have a price advantage against a west coat Competitor on east coast orders & vice versa to them on west coast.
Shipping more to closer customers means the package arrives quicker.
Isn’t that what Amazon wants lower prices & faster shipping, due to buying from the closer seller.
But the customers still have a choice to choose anyone they want to buy from.
We just don’t need to inflate prices to cover the shipping to the farthest place then.


Fewer opportunities for package damage or product compromise, Buyer is happier, metrics are :fire:

If it helps anyone here, as an Amazon shopper, I personally ignore the badges because they often make no sense–untrusted/new/unpronounceable brands, lower ratings, unproven product, higher cost for fewer quantity, etc.

What do I care what other idiots are buying? I want to make my own idiotic choice, thanks very much.


Still only one reply on NSFE: for Amazon to go out of business. :woman_facepalming:

Woah, hey now. Careful, friend. This sounds a lot like the discredited, failed, universally hated SFP program Amazon so successfully killed off to acclaim and applause…

Only read through some of these but

  • Ban Chinese sellers
  • Ban Chinese sellers
  • Ban Chinese sellers
  • Have seller support agents that actually help, instead of having to run to the forums for every issue
  • Get rid of the bots that flag high prices and high shipping. My FREE FIRST CLASS (no shipping charge) was flagged on one product for being too excessive.
  • Some actual enforcement for bad actors as buyers.
  • Get rid of the silo management system and let the separate areas actually talk.

The public needs to know this, The Chinese sellers basically rule Amazon. Through insiders.