NSFE: Will Amazon Handmade Compete with Etsy/Michaels Makerplace?

It’s funny because our own @Handmade group remarked how Etsy had followed suit with their own coupon after MakerPlace over in MakerPlace by Michaels. @ModernSwitch here: So their marketing is clear... - #46 by ModernSwitch.

Asking if Amazon will jump on board is great for putting them on the spot. FWIW KJ_Amazon replied:

Hey Andy Jassy, a couple of sites are offering $5 off. You going to do it too?

NSFE: Will Amazon Handmade Compete with Etsy/Michaels Makerplace?

No, they are to big. Notice I did not say to big to fail, just to big. As a matter of fact they are so big they can not succeed.

Now don’t get me wrong, Amazon will do fine in the years to come. As far as niches like Amazon Handmade, not so much. Look at the NSFE, same problem. Think about past ventures they went into. The storefronts as in stores on Main Street, in home services like installing or assembling items. Anyone remember the travel packages? I do we stayed at a nice place in Vermont and bought it on and through Amazon.

I am sure there are other ventures they did that did not work out, but I just did not notice.

Too many silos, too many walls, fences and blockades between them.

Compete probably wasn’t the best word but I really just couldn’t think of a better title at the time.

I just wanted to poke the bear and see what would happen. Never did get that follow up post/statement they were supposed to provide about all of us and our concerns with Handmade being a dying platform.

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LOL didn’t know this was you! It was >chef’s kiss<. So where the heck is the follow-up? :eyes: