Number of Items Attribute

Shouldn’t this always be 1 when selling a product?

So, if I am selling 1 box of poop bags with 240 bags, the “Number of Items” is 1, and count is 240.

When would Number of Items not be 1?


If you are selling a bundle. Lets say 2 boxes of poop bags


okay, and what other attributes would need to be different. So lets say I do have a bundle of 3 boxes boxed together in a single box as a set.

I put 3 there, but what else would need to be adjusted. My Unit Count would remain net over all items?

And what is the difference between Number of Items and Item Package Quantity, which seems to be the same thing.

So should both be set to 3?

Number of items would be the number of single units in the multi-pack. Package Quantity would be 1. It’s 1 thing that FBA is picking and or the customer is getting which happens to be 3 boxes of bags.

For your 3 packs, the simple and correct answer is:

  • Item Package Qty - 1
  • Number of Items - 3

The number of items attribute drives the pack size callout on desktop and probably does other things… Who knows but I know the above direction is correct because I have been doing multi-packs since 2018 and I effed the setup up when I first arrived at Amazon. Hard lesson to learn…

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Thank you. You also solved another mystery. I couldn’t figure out why I left the Edit dashboard open for this ASIN, and closed it without thinking. It’s because I was waiting on this exact clarification. :slight_smile:


IDK how I missed this thread yesterday. Sorry about that. Normally all over stuff like this to help.

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