[NY Post] I’m an art expert — I use AI to expose sellers of fake paintings on sites like eBay



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Coming? Idiocracy is here! :wink:

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The algorithm used here is very simple…

  1. Is it listed on eBay?

  2. If yes, then the artwork is a fake.


But but but… :rofl:

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About as valid as a guy guaranteeing his mistress that he’ll leave his wife “soon”

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The only person I’ve ever believed when they say “I gar on tee”:

Whenever I’ve watched the Princess and the Frog, I think of Justin Wilson when Ray talks.

I remember watching his show on PBS when I was a kid.

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Dr. Carina Popovici is actively promoting her company and its software and services.

She appears to be adept at promotion as is shown by her history on search engines.

Obviously, Ebay has no reason to respond to her reports. What it does, if anything, should be between Ebay and the Sellers.

The Monet and Renoir examples would be assumed to be fake by any human with a working brain. If they were not likely to be fake, they would be being offered through a more traditional channel. If they are not, one assumes they lack provenance and are probably inauthentic.

I have purchased art which was offered in the wrong place for many years, but nothing which pretended to be of such high value. And all of my great finds were authentic.

There are a lot of stupid people in this world, but few who would be stupid enough to pay anywhere near those prices on Ebay.

@packetfire has almost the perfect algorithm. Adding a price threshold might be all that is needed to perfect it.

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