[NY Post] Leaked Amazon doc reveals 67 ways workers tried to take advantage of ChatGPT boom

Leaked Amazon doc reveals 67 ways workers tried to take advantage of ChatGPT boom

Another leaked suggestion included in the document proposed implementing a ChatGPT-like search bar for Amazon shoppers where they can “can explain pros and cons between brands and cite and summarize user reviews,” according to Insider.

The original Insider article:

Amazon lawyers have previously warned employees to judiciously use ChatGPT at work. While the use of the AI chatbot is permitted, staff members are barred from sharing confidential information with ChatGPT, such as internal emails or source code.

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I would probably ban the use of ChatGPT if I ran Amazon Marketing.

As we learned in the early days of the computer industry GIGO - Garbage In/Garbage Out.

Much of the information relied on by ChatGPT is of questionable accuracy, and there are appropriate warnings about that, but they are not promoting ChatGPT as a tool for buying decisions. The FTC will have a grand time bringing actions against Amazon if they attempt to use it to influence sales.



And I would try to find some way, any way, to protect the IP generated by actual human employees for online distribution from being AI-regurgitated.

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But for an entirely different reason. Amazon is developing their own and I’d force my teams/departments to use in-house products, services, and devices whenever the option exists. Inferiority would not be an excuse.

Another example, no more remote work. Because all employees would be required to use Amazon logistics to commute to the office.

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