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“enhanced verification” Brand Registry application.

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Archived, but not for public consumption.

A tad-bit more than 4 years back, the USPTO “finalized”* the so-known “Domestic Attorney Representation Rule” (link, Federal Register) - largely, but not entirely, in a rather belated response to various & sundry pernicious events arising directly from Amazon’s ill-fated 2012 decision to throw open access to its US Marketplace to PRC-based entities in 2013.

During the 3rd & 4th Quarters of that year (2019), some of the earliest reports of having running afoul of said Rule began appearing in the OSFE.

There’s a reason why Sandy & Tiff (among others of both the FMT & the AHT SMEs) have been tasked, since the advent of the NSFE, w/ making carefully-couched responses to the slew of complaints which have so-proliferated since January 2023.

Other than the members of what our friend VTR coined as the “AMB” (“Amazon Martyr Brigade”), I might well be considered to be among the most-vociferous of ‘Amazon-bashers,’ on this or that score - but even before the seasoned and savvy forum vets taught us the value of learning how to ‘speak Amazonese’ back in the Seller Soapbox Days, I had realized way back in my Army-brat childhood the value of reading between the lines - and filing away knowledge of the nomenclature favored, at this or that period in time, by this and that bureaucratically-administered organization.


Something of a misnomer, that - even the most blinkered and blindered amongst us would surely be hard-pressed to make any convincing & compelling case that the First Rule Of All is not: “All Things Change, Save Truth”…