Order, Cancel. Order, Cancel. Order, Refund [late FBA delivery]

No skin off my nose, but for the FBM folks, this seems to be an interesting pattern to look for:

  1. Order, Cancel.
  2. Order, Cancel.
  3. Order, Refund [late FBA delivery]

Same product every time.

So, free product for Ms “Cancel Culture” [don’t kill me, it’s just a joke!], and one presumes that the first two orders were cancelled because of some sort of knowledge that the product would ship promptly.

But how do they know?

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They probably order at the last min of the next day (or delivery window) guarantee.

I need to look into this. We get reimbursed for this bull shitte for at least 3 orders every single day.

But then again, there’s literally nothing that can be done so why waste the time.

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Is there some way this is turning into a returnless refund?