Out of Return Window - Accept or not?

FBM order…Customer just requested a return for an order from June 21, stating it arrived late. Item arrived to customer in 2 days LOL. Return window obviously closed almost 2 months ago.

What’s path of least resistance here? $50 toy…it’s likely been used at this point. I can accept the return and make them pay to ship it back to me on their dime, which might irk them and cause to leave neg Feedback… or I can deny it and have them file an A to Z for some crappy reason.

Whatcha think?

I’d just mark it No response needed

Don’t indulge them with any further communications or you may shoot yourself in the foot.


What you do depends on your selling philosophy.


Through Buyer-Seller messaging or as a request?

There is a 3rd option, which is to only offer a partial refund, due to being outside the window.


Was a Return Policy Inquiry from customer:

Dear Amazon Seller,
This is Amazon’s Customer Service team. A customer reached out to us with some questions about a purchase they made from you. Here’s a description of the issue:
Product: ***
Order number: ****
Return requested: Yes
Reason for contact: The item arrived too late
Please respond to this request within 48 hours.
Amazon Customer Service

Yeah, that came through messages, so NRN.

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I’m happy to give $$ back as long as it’s new…just trying to minimize any problems right now

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I checked, and it’s not :wink:

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Really? I’ve never had to use that before, just seems like they could open an A2Z or leave neg Feedback (for another week) as I’m ignoring their request… ??

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Honestly, unless you immediately send them $50, they could do either of those things no matter what.

NRN is safest path for now, in my opinion (agreeing with @RandomUsername).


Ok @papy , thank you, just trying to minimize any issues…

(I had an a2z a couple weeks back for a return that came in that I thought had already been auto-refunded at first scan and somehow wasn’t, AND the system never refunded 48 hours after delivery…Booo, customer filed an A2Z on it and it was too late to fix at that point… my bad on that :frowning: )

There is no rule or guideline what to do here, it is entirely up to you. This is a business decision, and as such is about protecting yourself and not alienating buyers. That said…

This order is clearly outside the return period, and not just buy a few days. Considering what you sell and the fact that they contacted Amazon not the seller, I would also advocate no response. This doesn’t feel to me like a buyer with an issue as much as a buyer who wants their money back.

As a personal directive, I refuse to conduct my business on Amazon in fear of AtoZ claims or negative feedback. I do my best to run a legitimate business with quality items and impactful customer support when it’s needed, but I won’t let myself be held hostage to the threat or abuse. I usually win nonsense AtoZ claims and there is nothing anyone can do about bogus feedback, but I sell enough that a few buyers angry that I wouldn’t give them free items leaving negative feedback doesn’t do much to damage my business. For low volume sellers, the concern over negative feedback might be greater, but I would still recommend not feeding the hand that bites.


Did it arrive too late? I’m guessing this is just what the CSR selected to get the message to go through

Customer called Customer Service because the could not process a return request because of the age.

I would not ignore, Either grant the return request or advise the buyer that it is outside the return window.

Ignore all further messages if you opt not to accept the return.


We do not accept returns outside of the thirty days past delivery. We generate enough feedback each month to ignore the occasion cranky person.

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Nope, they got it within 2 days, well within the delivery window


Then I am with others, no return.

Cover yourself, go and download a PDF copy of the tracking NOW just in case there is a AtoZ or chargeback


We did not use Buy Shipping, so will the PDF even help in an A to Z?

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It will show delivered on time. More to cover you for a charge back.

You can always respond to the message with your return address and instructions. It isn’t officially accepting the return, but in an A to Z it shows effort. Bet it will never be returned because they will have to pay for shipping. That’s what I do most times, item is never returned.


The customer has already lied about you to Amazon. At this point, I conclude two things:

  1. You have no ethical obligation whatsoever to the customer. Maybe you might have had such previously, but their unethical behavior erased it.
  2. The customer has demonstrated a willingness to harm you for their own selfish ends. I do not expect them to suddenly treat you any better in the future. So it is in your best interests not to give them any future opportunities.

Tell them in the most bureaucratic language that you can muster that the returns period has ended.
Include many pseudo-empathetic statements that you feel their pain. Tell them that you are wracked with grief about the fact that you won’t be able to do something outside of the returns period.