Pay Per Use - Access to Amazon Growth "Expert" Survey

Not sure if anyone else got this. Another $ grab for lackluster advice. Did not get this survey for my account where we pay for SAS interestingly.


Looks like Amazon wants to get in on the “Guru” game

I can tell you by experience with SAS management that the Guru’s are probably better

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In order to help us “grow,” they will want lots of our data. No thanks.

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They already have that no?


They want more.

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It’s sad to say but about 5% of the gurus are, in fact, better than amazons’ in house strategists.

The great disconnect between the platform and its proprietary algo - on how things really work - unless someone has a lot of experience A/B testing all aspects of amazon - it’s impossible to have an informed opinion.


Having been a successful consultant, I admit to the best solutions to a business’ problems coming from their own employees. But - a consultant can improve the presentation and provide the support for an employee sourced solution. This requires spending the time required to know the client’s business and to analyze the proposed solutions.

I assume the pay per use will be targeted to make recommendations “on the cheap” and use pre-written Amazon solution recommendations. IMO a recipe for failure.


5%? I’d put that number closer to 50% and I am being serious. I’ve dealt with a lot of people at Amazon in strategic roles. They all suck.

I’ve never dealt with a Guru so I’m not sure but I’m sure they have much better ideas for success. Most of them might be against policy though so there’s that. :laughing:

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You are SO in the minority. I have never yet worked for a boss that could see this. And we all know what Amazon thinks of those of us who would willingly help improve so many things at their site. So…

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Shucks, I’ll pay extra for simply being able to deal with a native speaker of English, who does NOT have an accent so think I need a chainsaw to cut through it to figure out what they are saying!

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I’ve dealt with gurus and very few are practitioners of the art they claim to teach. It’s a whole thing :wink:

I’ve spoken to these people you speak of and you’ll get nothing better from them in terms of results.

I’ve spoken to Amazon Seller Support probably 100 times or more over the years. Understanding what they were saying was never an issue. The fact that what they were saying didn’t help was the issue.

I’ve worked with people from India my entire working life so maybe I have a leg up on that. My business partner is Indian but born in the US. My other business partner (other business) was born in Indonesia and speaks 6 languages.

It’s not easy to learn another language and speak in a way that you could do that for a job so I give these people credit. With that said, speaking English in India is pretty common…

I give Amazon shame for training them so poorly and not offering them any real way to help the poor people that need them (US).

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I made a thousand dollars a day in the early 1980’s as a consultant to big companies. Many of these companies had top management with Harvard MBAs. They never trusted their own people, but their own people generated the solutions I and my team presented.

The old joke was a consultant when asked what time it is, asks to borrow your watch,

The consulting industry is built on bosses who don’t see this or a lot of other things.

I was the senior member of a team. The junior members did all of the work, and were more expert on the details than I was. I had a client complain that they were not getting enough of my time when they looked at their monthly bills. They were only billed for my presentations. I wound up flying out to their headquarters and doing nothing in order to make them feel better.

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I didn’t get this, but I suspect that it’s because I turned down all other services and no longer use PPC/Advertising.

Or because I’m not BR.

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Not sure why they would choose me. That account literally has 2 listings left in it and does less than $3K a week.

Used to do $3K a day. ■■■■ happens.

You tend to give up on things when your biz partner literally vaporizes into thin air. LOL

Only me. Got bigger and better fish to fry.

What guru’s do you recommend? I have also had experience of SAS and we were teaching them…

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None. I don’t recommend any gurus since I’ve never gone through a complete course myself. Furthermore the 2 or 3 I’ve audited, I’ve always known more. Seller U is best for technical aspects and the rest is your business sense and own skill.


Who are Seller U?

Seller University