Placement fees - is my thought process right?

I just ran a few scenarios of my handmade product. The box is 35lbs, and each item is 1 lb each.

  • Before $16.47 was the cost per box (.47 a unit) Sometimes I got a rebate sometimes I did not


  • 1 box $24.65 / .70 unit
  • 2 boxes partial shipment $23.45 a box / .67 unit
  • 3 boxes partial shipment $22.15 a box / .63 unit
  • 4 boxes partial shipment $21.90 a box / .62 unit
  • 6 boxes - it opens up the 3rd option “optimized” but that was the most expense. If I went with partial shipment 20.05 box / .57

storage: My items each are .0289 cubic fee, so it will be 35 of them to be 1 cubic foot which is and it seems my fee is .87 per cubic foot.

Our FBA fee is going down April 1 which is a savings of about .16 a unit.

I think with the FBA fee going down its pretty close to being the same ~.07/unit. difference which is minimal.

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But what pricing are you using upon which to base your scenarios?

If “it opens up a 3rd option”, are you just creating a shipment, and then abandoning the process?

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I priced out east, west, ceneral and partial shipments. I"ve highlighted the cheapest on each shipment. Partial was the cheapest with west coast 2nd.
I just simulated a plan based on the scenarios above.

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