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[mod edit: created by papy] A twist on NSFE Talkback! From @Chimanimani – a request to post a topic on the NSFE:

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I’m not sure how to get the NSFE to stop notifying you But your business name isn’t being shown on it.


As to worrying about a data breach because your e-mail is still linked to the forum… Well the NSFE is part of Amazon and if you are a seller on amazon, you information is on Amazon and I don’t think you can avoid that.

You might want to set up a message filter on your email to funnel the NSFE “spam” into a folder that you can ignore or purge as you see fit.

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Yes, I have had sellers reach out to me, for further help, on something I did help them with in the past.

Since I have not onboarded, and never intend to, I can’t help them or even say why I am not even responding.

I can’t even tell them, come over to SAS, and get some (more) real help.

It is very messed up.

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As do I.

This is the way